Monday, March 8, 2010

This is the plan...

Proverbs 29:18 (King James Version)

18Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

As of now this is the plan.  For those that don't know, dh got laid off on Friday.  We knew it was coming.  He hasn't had work from the start of the job.  He's been on overhead for 9 months.

We have a friend in Arkansas who is a chiropractor.  He has some acreage, a place for us to set up our RV, a storage area for us to put all our stuff, and an unused property.  He needs help fixing up his house and a classic car.  He also needs help with his office. 

So this is the plan...we are going to leave North Dakota by the end of the month and go to Arkansas and dh is going to help our friend out with his house and car.  DD can help him with his office work and learn the insurance side of the business.  She used to work for a chiropractor.  Our friend isn't doing anything with the unused property and said we can do something with it.  Maybe a restaurant is in the makings??? 

I don't know what tomorrow will bring...but GOD does.  I need to focus on today and on HIM and that's all that matters.  HE is my vision, HE is my path, HE is faithful, and will bring great things to pass if I abide in HIM.

I would appreciate pray during this time.  Finances, direction, safe travels, etc

Also, would you mind praying for my dad's wife, Annie?  Annie's mom past away yesterday. From my understanding she past away in her sleep at 99 yrs of age, fulfilled with a good life.

Thanks and blessings until next time!


Jo's Health Corner said...

Sorry to hear about your situation..We had to relocate to Texas for the same reasons..
Praying for you and your family..

Anne of Alamo said...

You have a spot in my prayer life always!!
I love your intensity for Jesus Christ and how infectious it is!
I will be following the blog for updates!!

KK said...

Life is never dull is it Bobbi?? I know God has GREAT plans for you all!! How AMAZING His provision is and what a Blessing that you all were able to see the provision that was there for you!!! Holding you close in prayer....and Arkansas isn't so far from TX!!! (maybe there is a choc chip pancake fest in our future!)
Blessings and Prayers!

Goose Hill Farm said...

My Dear, Precious Friend~

Prayers are always lifted up on your behalf. You are such an amazing lady. I told you God has BIG things in *store* for your family. :> )

I love you, my friend, but God loves you MORE!


Kim R said...

Hi Bobbi, Will keep you in my prayers. I LOVE your perspective it's very encouraging and so true, Only the Lord know what's around the corner. Best of everything for you & the family.

Rosemary said...

Good to have a plan. Always another adventure in the making! I will keep you all in my prayers.

Susan said...


Thanks for checking on me :o) I'm having BIG computer problems. I finally checked Penless and saw your comment. Hopefully I will be back on line on my computer soon. Appreciate you my dear friend & sister in the Lord.

Susan said...

Are you coming anywhere near Tulsa or Muskogee? If so let me know and we'll try to set something up to meet.

Terri said...

Oh wow! I'm sorry Bobbi. I'll be praying for you and your family during this new "great adventure!"

Stacey said...

A restaurant??? I'd drive that far to taste some of your delicious food! :) Praying for you, my dear friend. Love ya!

Susan said...

Finally had a moment to come read and try and catch up a bit.

God never closes one door without opening another. WOW this is exciting Bobbi. I'll be eager to follow as you share this new journey through the open door with us.