Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nothing more than feelings

This morning I was reading my devotion for the day ("Pursuit of His Presence"-Kenneth & Gloria Copeland) and it went along with my blog post from yesterday.  Brother Copeland was talking about healing.  He was talking about just recently it was just as tough to get people saved as it is to get them healed today.  He said people like Dwight L. Moody came along and changed that.  He said people would walk into church service and someone asked you if you were saved and you said no, would happen if everyone picked up on the truth about healing in ththey would grab you and say, "JESUS died for your sins, man! Trust HIM, receive HIM as your LORD and HE'LL save you right now!" 

Brother Copeland then questioned, "Now what do you think would happen if everyone picked up on the truth about healing in the  same way?"

His reply was, "I can tell you what would happen. Healing would become as easily received as the new birth, and we'd wonder why we had so much trouble with it for so long!"

Now here's the part I liked the most in the devotion this morning:

"What's more, in that environment, if someone prayed for healing and then said, 'I don't think I got anything, I don't feel any better.' do you know what they'd be told?  The same thing people are told today when they doubt their salvation because they don't 'feel' saved.  Some mature believer would pull them aside and say, 'Now listen here, You can't go by feelings. You have to do this by faith. If you wait until you feel something to believe you're saved (or healed), you'll never be able to receive."

That goes for anything in our walk with the LORD.  We must have faith.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.  (Hebrews 11:1)

 Did you hear yourself say that?  The substance of things hoped for!  The evidence of things not seen.

We don't see them always immediately, but we press in on the WORD of GOD and keep hoping for those things not seen! 

Blessings until next time!


Susan said...

Every time we start walking by "feelings" we're going to get into a ditch and fall. Oh, but how much easier that is to say than to do 24 hours a day, 60 seconds in every hour. Believe me, when I cracked my stove top Monday morning the "feelings" of oh no, what a set back, etc. etc. came flooding over me and I had to fight those DUMB (because they are) feelings most of the day. How I long to be totally unmoveable, as the Bible tells us to be!!!!!

Rosemary said...

Good post, Bobbi---thanks for the reminder.