Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Complaining-not okay

I'm afraid that through my posts on Facebook and here on my blog, I've mislead people into thinking I don't complain or gripe about moving.  That's not true.  I gripe and I complain, sometimes often, especially if it's a place I don't like, or don't connect to.  Sometimes it's because it's new, and I'm (we're) having a hard time adjusting.  I'm human, I make mistakes, I complain.  Please don't think that I always handle moving with grace.  It's not easy living on the road.  I try to make the most of it.  You know when life gives you lemons, make lemonade...instead of throwing them at the neighbor.  LOL  ;)  But there are times I want to throw the lemons. 

But I try to keep things all in persceptive too, this is only a temporary situation.  This is only a temporary home.  My home is heaven.  Change is good, we need to learn to embrace change and be flexible to what GOD wants from us.  It's all learning to die to self.  NO, it's not always easy, AND believe me, it's not always fun!   It's a process, like anything else, in coming up higher, for the kingdom.  I don't want to be going around the mountain 40 years either because I grumbled and complained the whole time. 

GOD hates when we complain and grumble.  The other day, Thursday, the night before Good Friday, I started to complain, and then I realized what day it was. JESUS went to the cross for me, beaten and battered, to the point HIS body was mangled and HE didn't look human anymore.  HE was hung on a cross afterwards with long, sharp thrones pierced in HIS skull...I could go on, but at that moment, I realized I had no business complaining.  I started crying.  I repented and asked the LORD to give me strength and remind me not to complain.  I thanked HIM for HIS sacrifice and HIS love and commitment to me, that HE never leaves me or forsakes me.  I've commited myself to focus on HIS death and resurrection and what HE did on the cross as a reminder to not complain.  My goal is to continue to do that each time I think about complaining, because it could always be worse.

Blessings until next time!