Thursday, April 8, 2010

Yesterday's Tomorrow is Today...

"Tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it."~Anne Shirley

Here's to hoping yesterday's tomorrow, which is today, is fresh with no mistakes in it.  MY yesterday was NOT a good day!  I ended up breaking down and crying several times because of it.  sigh...

Yesterday started with the bank calling about the RV payment.  I had already contacted them early to let them know it would be late.  (1st time ever) Can't do anything about it until dh gets paid or GOD performs a financial miracle.  So that started the water works.

I needed to call the insurance company and ask for an extention on paying my policy.  My agent wasn't in for the day.  I called the headquarters-they can't help me, they give me the regional guy...guess what?  He's not in either apparently.  I left a msg.  No reply. 

I needed to discontinue our Dish Network. I call, they tell me I can't discontinue the service because my name isn't the primary on the acct or something like that. Dh calls...tries to disconnect, they are trying to charge us for a receiver that they claim I leased which I bought!

I went to the post office yesterday.  The post office is downtown.  Downtown is cute and quaint...but we are in a college town, and it was confusing and hard to get to the post office and rather far away, so I get this great idea (um NOT) to go get a mail box at the UPS store.  I ask how much, I thought they said $20 for 3 months...okay a little expensive, but I'll do it.  Fill out the paperwork...(obviously miss the important stuff that I skimmed through)  and turns out it's $20 a month.  I had to come up with the total.  I was too embarassed to say no, I can't really afford that....sigh!  So I just ate the costs, and then went out to the vehicle and called dh crying up a storm.

Went to find a laundromat...apparently there aren't many decent ones here in the area.  So I ended up not washing clothes yesterday.

This is what happens when I choose not to complain??? 

Hopefully today will be much better.  Prayers would be appreciated.  :D

Blessings until next time.


Susan said...

God must have some REALLY big plans for you two Bobbi, for satan to be attacking you from all sides like he is. BUT, we know who wins and it's Jesus & YOU!!!!!

redkathy said...

Sounds like my life for the last two years! Take a deep breath, shrug your shoulders, and then smile cause God is in control!

Christy said...

{{Aw, Mrs. Boobi}} I'm not going to tell you what you already know. Just a quick side hug and an "aw"