Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh the drama!

After yesterday, I wonder, am I the only one that has drama in my life?  It just seems like I have more dramatic things happen than most people?  Is it me?  or is it the enemy trying to come against me? 

Tuesday, dh got an advance on pay.  The vp (dh's boss) understood that we were going through some financial situations and advanced dh pay.  I used the instant deposit online for our credit union.  Now mind you, we haven't had a lot of money, so some things have had to wait to be paid.  One of them was one of our vehicles.  We have a loan with this particular vehicle at the credit union.  Apparently, they are at liberty to take the money out of our account, without our knowledge, to pay their loan.  Unfortunately, that was going to go to our house payment.  That's okay...dh got paid on Wednesday a full pay check.  The VP said he would have payroll deduct the advance over the following two pay checks. 

Because I already made a deposit online, I couldn't deposit the other check online.  You're only allowed to deposit a certain amount of money per number of services you use with the credit union. 

So yesterday, because I couldn't deposit the money online, and we needed to get our house payment made, we first tried to open an account at a local credit union.  That didn't work...didn't understand the whole situation, but nevertheless, it didn't.

We go to where the paycheck is drawn from.  We were going to open an account.  That didn't work...we don't have a local address, other than a mail box (even though it's a street address, because remember I got an $80 mail box through UPS? LOL)

So we go back to the credit union, because on their site it said they have shared branching.  Shared branching is so you can use their services as if they were your credit union.  Well guess what?  It's only for their members.(don't didn't make sense to me either!)

The saga continues...
We go back to the bank that the check was drawn on, and decide to get it cashed.  The girl that told us we couldn't open an account because of the address situation, was hesitant to cash the check.  I could see dh's face beginning to boil...he was going to explode if she hadn't cashed that check. Fortunately, she cashed it.

I finally was able to get a cashier's check and mail the house payment.  Praise GOD! 

So seriously, am I the only one with this much daily drama?  Please tell me no.

Blessings for your weekend!


Susan said...

Life in America is certainly more difficult when you have to move and make such major changes as mailing, banking, utilities, etc. I know when we traveled for those 4 years how people would look at us as if we had 2 heads when we said we had not permanent address!!! We finally just began to use our daughter's address as ours and have her forward mail to us at the various location we would be. Hopefully when you get settled down in Kansas and the pay comes on a regular basis these situations will not be such a hastle for you guys. BUT, even in the midst of all this God is faithful and good!!!!