Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lots of right and wrongs...

Apparently, there are right and wrong ways to do all kinds of stuff.  Today, I found out there is a right and many wrong ways to make cinnamon toast!  who da think it?  LOL
I knew there was a right and wrong way to make grilled cheese, my friend Marian's way-the wrong way and my way-the right way...lol, but cinnamon toast? 
Go to the Pioneer Woman's blog and find out for yourself!

BTW I was out of town this weekend...we went to Fargo one last time to gather the rest of our stuff.  I didn't feel the need to cry tears of saddness as I left-lol-only tears of joy!  LOL 

We left Thursday night around 8 pm, drove to Iowa City, and stopped for the night.  We ended up dwaldling the rest of the drive and got up to Fargo around 6:30. Worked until about 10:30...the rest of the weekend is a blur...we got up Saturday morning at 6:30 and worked and worked and worked until around 1:30 am when we finally left.  Then we drove and stopped and drove and stopped a few times until I was rested enough to drive most of Sunday. We got in around 7 pm, showered and plopped ourselves in bed!

Now we just have to go down to Arkansas and gather the stuff from there and put it all together in one storage unit...work, work, work!  I told DH, if we don't have a house in a year, we are getting rid of it all, and living in the RV from here on out.  It's too much work and money to gather up stuff and move it from storage to storage!

Blessings until next time!


Susan said...

Glad you are seeing the current light at the end of this tunnel!

Rosemary said...

I wondered where you were. What a lot of work moving "stuff" is, isn't it? After our move in December I'm committed to getting rid of much of the extra stuff we have hanging around.

Sandra said...

I'm thinking that RV living is sounding pretty appealing to me the older I get.