Friday, April 9, 2010

finally, some good news to report...

After a not so good Wednesday, yesterday was much better! 
We headed to the one laundromat I found that was semi decent (I hate laundromats)  and while I was there, got a call from my insurance agent. 

I explained the situation and asked for an extention.  He said he'd call me back.  A few minutes later, I got a call, and he said, No, that whomever (not sure if it's regional, or headquarters, but whomever it was....)  wouldn't grant me an extention.  I said, "That really upsets me, considering I've been a customer for over 25 years, and now I'm going through a hard time, and you all are going to drop me...blah blah blah.

He gave me the "I'm so sorry, but it's out of my hands, blah blah blah" speech.

I called dh, and kinda barked at him, telling him what was going on, because I was upset.  He's what do you want me to do about it? etc...

I get off the phone with dh and decide to call the 800 know the HELP number.

I go through the automated stuff and finally get a REAL person, explain my, not without tears, especially when I said, I've been a customer for 25 years and you all will drop me if I don't pay today, because I going through a hard time.  The gal said, "Wait who told you that?"  and I explained.  She said, "Let me look at your account, and review it. I'll see what I can do."

After a few minutes of being on hold, she got back on the line to let me know she was trying to get me an extention and had to get a supervisor's approval. 

When she got back a second time, I got my 30 day extention, and she was so kind.  I almost started crying again, because I was so thankful!

Today, my dh called and said that the new company he's working at, has scrap metal that they are going to give him to build a BBQ pit!  AND one of the guys in charge of that area is going to help him build it! 

Yes, finally some good news!  Praise the LORD!  and YES, I know, and haven't forgot, that everyday is a good day with good news when we are one of GOD's children, and I am thankful for GOD's favor!  But somedays the devil tries to ruin a good day.  Thank you all for your prayers.  They are much appreciated.



Rosemary said...

Praise the Lord for good news! I am standing with you, sister, and keeping you in my prayers.
lots of hugs,

Stacey said...

PTL! Yea... lovin' the good news! :)

Sandra said...

So glad you got an extension. We do have the favor of the Lord and glad you didn't give up.

Susan said...

Praise God!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bobbi - haven't seen you on CHF (or, at least, I haven't bumped into you on the same threads)...SO glad that the insurance thing worked out..very glad you called the 800 number (I think I would have given up before that point). ((HUGS))
-Jamie from CHF