Wednesday, April 7, 2010

this and that

Wow, no comments on yesterday's post.  That was a bit surprising.  Maybe I was too real for people. LOL..

Today, I have a list of things to

  • call the insurance company
  • call dish network
  • go to the laundromat
  • find a post office and get a p o box
  • organize the rv
  • get started on school work again
  • etc, etc...
  • wish I could take a
I'd really appreciate some prayers.  Satan has been trying to make me worry and waking me up at night with it.  :(  I rebuke it, but then I'm awake, so I pray. 



Rosemary said...

Jeez, I get sick for a few days and am off line and what happens---you move again! You need a tracker or something, I think---one of those things that beeps and transmits your global position. LOL

I've had trouble sleeping off and on for several years, and I finally started using my awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night time for prayer time. Not sure if it helps me sleep or not, but at least I'm doing something worthwhile.