Wednesday, February 6, 2008

2 Thumbs Up!!!

Well since I've dogged Paypal, Directv, and Walmart...I thought I should commend companies that have treated me fairly, kindly, and decently.
This morning my dh called to tell me dd called to tell him she thinks the fridge has gone out. We bought an extended warranty with it when we got it. I called...friendly, fast, polite service!!!! I was worried that the warranty had gone out-couldn't remember how long it was good for...turns out it's good until July or August of this year! PTL!!!! I almost cried to the gal on the phone. She was VERY understanding!!! So Home Depot gets 2 thumbs up!


Ms. Christy said...

I'll add both my thumbs to the Home Depot warranty! WE used ours with our refrigerator, where so impressed that be bought it for the washer and dryer as well.