Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today, I got everyone up at 7:45 to go walking. All three of us girls REALLY need to start exercising and losing weight. I've been very negligent in this area the past couple years....It's really starting to show... :( Anyhow I got to listen to whines from 2 of my 3 children this am...guess who didn't complain? The one that usually is...lol...

Someone is building a new house next to me. :P YUCK...at least there's a lot between the two houses...from my understanding the lot between us and the house being built has all kinds of liens so it won't be sold anytime soon. We've been here almost 5 years...I hope to move before the street has houses all over it. When we moved in, we were the only house on our end of the street. Our area use to be mostly a retirement community. We live in a rural community. Most people bought their land (again from my understanding) when it was something like resort proprieties or time shares...anyone have a clue as to what I'm talking about??? There were deer everywhere and of course we were told they won't build near you anytime soon...I guess 5 years isn't so bad...dh and I have our eye on some property up the road a bit. Overlooks the lake...Hopefully soon we can stake our claim. BTW now there are 3 houses-one across the street, one on the corner and one next to us with a lot between us and now the new house going up...so technically that's 4....YUCK...I'll probably be whining about that some more, so bear with me....Hey, Ms. C, this is for you...beep, beep. beep, beep...LOL!!!!

Things to do...in no particular order

  • call fridge man to put on new doors
  • schoolwork
  • wash clothes
  • get bank statements for taxes
  • get nails refilled
  • decide on dinner
  • go to Costco, get water and other supplies

Blessings until next time!!!


Christy said...

Cute flowers!
I saw that house the other day, I'm sorry. But you know, we have the big mess of a ditch, now. I'm just waiting for the first big rain to wash all the dirt down the road. Then there's that hole, that we are told, is "as is". The city is not going to require the developers to concrete it in. It just a crater, with tacky concrete around the edges to prevent erosion.
Two more years, and no debt and we are moving away from this crazy city. Out to the wilderness, where the deer are scared of us ;)