Sunday, February 17, 2008


Oh Halleluah!!!!! Man, don't ya LOVE when GOD steps up to the homeplate and hits a grandslam homerun!!! That's how I'm feeling right now!!!!! I can't even begin to express my joy and enthusiam!!! I was feeling blue for several reason, some posted below...then I go to my friend, Christy's blog and her words encouraged me and brought me such joy through the HOLY SPIRIT, then I picked out a upbeat, SPIRIT-led, SPIRIT-filled song for Sunday Sing-Along and then on top of all that....I went to our home church's web site, ALCC , to hear our pastor preach this morning's message...and lo and behold...not only did I find out (even though I knew back in November, but forgot all about it) Perry Stone is going to be there from Wednesday to Sunday, but then Pastor starts talking about a friend of his that designed a bumper sticker that says..."VOTE THE BIBLE", gives the tithing message and then gives an awesome message on Faith!!!! Man it doesn't get much better than that...unless the rapture takes place and I'm outta here. :) woo-see ya!!!!

BTW...Our home church, ALCC, can be viewed on the web Sunday morning, evening and Wednesday nights! I encourage you to go there and hear an incredible, powerful, faith-filled message! (and I'm not sure, but maybe Perry Stone will be broadcasted too!) Mind you, we don't go to church here anymore, because we live in Austin...well our house is in Austin...LOL...we go there as often as possible! Since dh works in Houston, we can be there for most of the meetings! Yea!!!!


Anonymous said...

I PMed you on HS blogger!

Carli said...

Meant to tell ya I LOVE the music on your blog! SOOOOOOOOO GLAD to hear you're feeling good!

Penless Thoughts said...

I've never heard Perry Stone in person but have seen him some on TV. What do the initials of your church stand for. I get confused with all the aconmyns.