Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm addicted...

Yes, it's true! I addicted, (more like sucked into the world of Webkinz) to Webkinz games...up until Christmas I didn't even know what a Webkinz was...then my whole life change with this newly found interest. My dd, Belle, got a Webkinz horse for Christmas from her cousin. For those of you that are in the dark...a Webkinz is a stuffed animal-pet, that come with a special code that you can enter into the website and play games, trivia, plant gardens, etc. I've become addicited to triple solitare. Last night I played Cash cow and today I was answering trivia questions...much to my dd's dismay...she asked me if I could ask her to get on her Webkinz-geez the nerve!!! LOL!!! I've already called Aunt B and told her I need my own Webkinz. :P (btw, Aunt B has her own Webkinz)


Ms. Christy said...

Lexi has a whole blog about WebKinz.

Ange said...

I am familiar with webkinz - DS loves them - he has two, but I've never heard of an adult getting into it - I think you need counseling! he he

Oh no - about your paypal thing. I didn't know that could happen - I guess anything can happen on the WWW... grrr - sorry. hey - what tix were you buying? we haven't even thought about it yet. We'd love to go to spring training but that's out of the question.
OK I'm rambling - I should just email you... about coffee -- well you're the globe trotter - let me know when you're in town