Monday, February 11, 2008

Wii are the champions!!!

Houston, Wii have a Wii! LOL!
Wii will Wii will rock you! Shall I go on? giggle....
Dh took the day off and he and I went out for breakfast. Then off to Home Depot and Target. When we were at Target, I went to the back of the store looking for dh in the electronic section. (he needs a backup cell phone) While I was walking by the counter the girl asked, "May I help you find something?" I politely anwser, "No, but thankyou." I continue to walk down the center aisle...looking for dh...I look down and there was a Wii...I wasn't even looking for one...(funny how GOD does that-huh?) I look over at the girl and ask, "Are these actually Wiis?" and she replies, "Yes, we got them in this morning." I was so excited when I told her I would take one I almost cried!!!! Dh was walking toward me...I told him and he asked, "Is it Wii sports?" "yes!"

Oh the look on ds's face was priceless! He was still in bed-he's a night owl...anyhow dh called him out to help do something and ds starts to walk out of his room. We had put the Wii in front of the door and we were waiting....he looked down, looked at us, came over and gave us both a huge hug and said thank you! Awww what a sweetie....that's my guy! (he looked as though he was gonna cry...but he's too "old" for that)


Christa said...

Hi Bobbi ~ thanks for stopping by my blog and letting me know abour blogger friend school. I knew that Tamara was having computer issues, but I didn't know someone else had taken it over.

Thanks again.


Carli said...

Aren't the Wii's great!!! Wii love it! I spent way too much but , that's in the past! Thanks for the wonderful chat today!!!!!

Penless Thoughts said...

Happy, Happy you posted this!!!