Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!! and BFS#14

My plan today is to go see Flower at the vacation home, (dh at RV)...the kids and I are making one of our favorites...well everyone except Joe Bug's (ds) and Belle's (lil dd). It's German-round steak with dill pickle and bacon, wrapped together and baked until bacon is crispy. I also got Joe Bug a heart shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's-it's his favorite food...I've baked a heart shape cake and going to make some chocolate dipped strawberries. We'll do all that before heading to the bank to finish some business there and then off to see dh...where we will finish up dinner when we get there.

Here's a song I thought would be great for my BFS #14...but didn't get around to posting it...When we were up in Seattle, we were going jto Casey Treat's church for a while. We where there on Easter...and one of the musicians/singers sang this song. It was changed I think a little...but in the background they showed pics of the life of Jesus and at the end 3 crosses...the song had a whole other meaning from that point on. I know this isn't a love letter to Jesus...but more like a love letter from Jesus...but I really want everything I do to glorify the LORD...I know I'm not even close...but isn't it a great feeling to know we are loved, forgiven, and free when we have JESUS as our LORD and SAVIOUR?


pottermom said...

got a note from the moderator. she removed some posts attacking me... lol I'm a rich greedy person I guess..... anyway, she wanted me to know here "don't label people" post was not directed at me..... and no I haven't told anyone who you are. lol Smart ones will figure it out (that means me. lol)

Happy Valentine's to you. Kind of a wasted holiday to me..... silly to make men buy all these things for women. I watch TV and wonder at the pressure put on guys to "show" their love with hard earned $$. There's so many better ways to do that than spend a dollar on a lady. Just my opinion (and I'm not one to turn down gifts of course, I just don't expect them)

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day

Be blessed!

Nancy said...

Hi Bobbi~

Thanks for sharing in the assignment. I'm sorry that I didn't to you sooner, my husband and I are trying to build a chicken coop for another homeschool family who have had an extremely emotional and financial hard time over the past year. They got some time and left to visit family for a few days and we want to surprise them and have the coop built when they return. I really enjoyed your song and I understand how you can relate it to Jesus' love for his children. Nancy

momofmhasr said...

I have never thought of this song like that, thanks for making me think. It is a nice song.

Ginny said...

Don't you love it when we can use what is considered 'secular' music and use it to bring glory to Him?! God is so Good. Thanks for sharing this with us.