Wednesday, February 27, 2008

BFS #16

This assignment I hope proves to fun and exciting! This week you are given $1000 PRETEND online spending money! The rules are simple for this assignment. Using ANY online store…write out a shopping list of what you would buy! You can even post pictures of the items you're buying, if you want, it's not required. These things should be things for YOURself ONLY! List the name of the website with a link and include product item # and cost…you must use all your $1000 without going over! As a bonus every commentator will have their name put in a basket and I will draw three names of people who have signed the Linky and commented to receive a special prize in the mail from me! Have fun and my assignment is below as well.

Not trying to get techinical or legalistic here...I've done my assignment 2 different is if the money was given to me...and one if it was money I earned...because I wouldn't tithe on money given to me. It's a gift...the money I earned, I would tithe on...

$1000 GIVEN to me...

I'd buy a dining room table and chairs...because our family likes to entertain and it usually is around food. :) I don't need anything for myself and really, really want a dining room

I found this table and chairs at JCPenney for $799 on sale, regular $2019.00

I would buy paint for my dining room in this color...Sherwin Williams Exclusive Plum 4 gallons...Price wasn't on site...but It's usually about $25 a gallon with dh's discount...


I would probably want some flowers and candles or perhaps this pretty bowl from Southern Living...It's $27.95, perhaps I could win it on Ebay for $14.99...It's listed...

I probably would get some artificial flowers for my wall sconces...(I got the sconces at Costco on clearance for $5.99 a couple years ago, picture of those below)
I found some here for $5.00 each...I would get two so that's $10.00

Year before last, I got the Chandelier I wanted for I don't have to buy that...It looks similar to this, only 5 bulbs...

And I already have the picture and sconces I want on the's a pic of those...

So my TOTAL would be:
  • Table and Chairs on sale $799
  • Paint with contractors discount $100
  • Southern Living Ruffled Glass Bowl $27.95
  • Silk Flowers on sale $10.00

My TOTAL...$936.95

BUT if I earned the money...I would tithe, buy paint and get the table and chairs.

  • Tithe 10% $100
  • Paint with Contractors discount $100
  • Table and Chairs on sale $799

My TOTAL would be...$999.00

Of course neither of these include tax...didn't see that as part of the assignment ;) This was a very fun assignment!!! Thanks Nancy!!!

And my verse is...Psalm 34:15 (King James Version)
The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry.


Christy said...

I thought the same way on tithes. I also love the color of your paint choice. Pick up some for me while your getting it. I would never have chosen some of what you chose, only seeing it after you chose it, I like it. That's funny. I am too plain. When we do get a house built, I will have to have some of you (bargain shoppers) to help decorate. LOL Great assignment and you did a great job.

Nancy said...

Thanks Bobbi~ That was great, I love your dining room table, chairs, and paint color. I just thought it would be fun to have a little bit of money, pretend or not, to dream about things we all would want to do for ourselves. I was considering it a gift and tithing or not is up to you either way...LOL


Anonymous said...

Love the chandelier. Beautiful.

momofmhasr said...

I can say I only thought of tithe after reading Nancys blog.(blushing) Thst is a beautiful table and chair set!

Sombra said...

I love the wall sconces!

mamasmurf said...

You have such great taste in furnishings!! I love what you chose to spend your money on!

Penless Thoughts said...

That was fun to see how you would spend the $1000. You would have a lovely dining room. Love the paint color you chose.

JenofAvonlea said...

Very pretty decorating choices! But if u move into the RV, it would be a little crowded. LOL!

Shelly said...

You have a great blog! I love that shade of paint you picked out!