Sunday, February 10, 2008

Annoyed...most definitely annoyed...

Yes, today I'm most definitely annoyed...Flower aka dh...installed Kaspersky Internet Security on the new laptop...this is very annoying...I feel like I'm in a foreign language class...I keep getting these popup things asking to acess or deny an application-but I don't even know what the heck they are talking about...then ds ripped holes in both knees of a pair of jeans he's maybe had, tops...3 I'm trying to figure out how the best way to patch them up is...they are some that have the worn look with sewn with a sewn on patch...before you think these are some high dollar jeans...I know, you're not going to believe it...Walmart brand...and I got them on clearance...but the thought of having to buy yet another pair of jeans is ugh....especially when he'll probably have holes in the knees in a few weeks anyhow. Never-the-less...I still have to fix these and been trying to do it with a sewing maching...but I don't sew and it's not working...if I hand sew them, it will look like I'm quite annoyed at this moment....why can't they make an undestructable pair of jeans????


momofmhasr said...

I figured that out about the map after I hit post! ;) Well come visit us someday.

pottermom said...

Just catching up... I've missed a few rants... lol
we've been sick here... still sick in fact. I want my husband to go back to work! He's driving me crazy! lol
Pedi-egg..... looked for one, can't find it, want it.
Health care - I agree about looking to God, in addition I say make the playing field level... One price for everyone, not a discount for one, none for another.... I mean if it costs $20 charge $20 not $450 and then give a $430 discount to the insurance companies! My daughter has no insurance and she pays full price where I don't with insurance. It's stupid that they hurt the people who need the help the most! I see insurance as being a huge part of the problem actually. But no, I'm NOT in favor of socialized medicine.
Jeans - they are only indestructible when on the shelf of the store..... or if you reinforce knees before they put them on (like they were six years old again).
I am not contributing to the HSC raffle..... to many pottery folks dismay..... so be it.