Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kate and I have something in common!

Yes, I've actually found someone that has a same pet peeve as me... Kate Gosselin from TLC's Jon and Kate plus 8
thinks it's gross to walk on a hotel floor without shoes on...oh I can so kids think I'm nuts...but it really grosses me out.

We just recently started watching this show. The other day, while watching, the Gosselin's went to Disney World. On the way they stopped at a hotel and she wouldn't let the kids get off the bed without shoes! YEA, Kate!!!

My kids were laughing hysterically and looked at me and said, Oh my gosh, Mom, she's like you!!!"


christy said...

It is kinda gross, if you think about it; ergo I don't think about it.

Bobbi said...

TO the gcla~
If you are going to leave your comments on my blog...then you should at least have the decency to have a blog...otherwise, please don't bother because that's pretty chicken of you...and people like you I have no respect for. Not to mention the fact, I don't probably know you and you probably don't know Kate, nor do I...I just was pointing out we have something in common. I get really tired of you anonyomous poster leaving your nasty comments on my please bug off!

Bobbi said...

to The gcla-
again, you've come over to my blog and posted something that you've misunderstood...I didn't say you said something nasty to me (personally) I said, "I get really tired of you anonymous posters leaving your nasty comments on my blog!"
This is the second time you've misread or misunderstood or whatever my comments...I said Kate and I had something in common...YOU don't probably even know her and yet you want to judge her. Please don't leave your comments on my blog anymore-they will be deleted!
Thank you...and as far as a busy life, I have a busy life don't go there...