Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Sing-Along

In honor or my friend, Marian, who has blessed me beyond comprehension, one of her favorite songs(even though when we ride in the car and sing it, you look at me and say, "What are they singing in this part?") Thanks for all your help this week. You are a TRUE friend and I love you and all of your wackiness! Thank you for everything...for helping me with my yard, and helping me clean my shed, garage, closet, etc., etc...

Oh and thanks for one of the best laughs in my whole entire life yesterday...that was so funny!!! Laughing until you of the best things in life!!!


Da-Red-Head said...

Great song! I should be getting ready for my nephew's graduation party...but instead I'm at the computer. I guess I should go get ready. BTW, I love laughing until I cry - it is the best!!!

:) Stacey