Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Oh Please!!!!

Give me a break! (and this guy a kick in the head)


pottermom said...

ah but... if you went to New York City you'd know the guy is actually VERY famous for his trademark outfit. Also, he trademarked it many years ago. M&M's should have checked it out. Their use, even if on a piece of candy is very recognizable as this guy's trademark. Now he probably shouldn't be getting what he asks for, but he does deserve to not be walked on by a big corporation. He went to a lot of trouble and money to trademark his "look" and it was granted so he should be treated fairly in this. If they had used a blue hard hat and boxers no problem, but they did exactly as he does, guitar included. They were wrong. Like I said though, not worth the amount he's asking.

Rosemary said...

Give me a break! This is the very kind of law suit that is clogging up the courts and making long waits for legitimate arguments.