Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Webkinz World and other stuff...

Last night I took the kids to a Round Rock Express game. They were giving away free Webkinz to the first 1000 kids, 12 and under. We were the first ones there. The gates opened at 5:30 and we got there at 5 pm. Both of my kids had a specific Webkinz they wanted, but knew to be happy with what they received no matter what. We just said a little prayer, believing that if we ask we shall receive what we ask for according to GOD's WORD. My Belle wanted a lab dog and my Joe Bug wanted a turtle. The Webkinz were in a huge plastic trash can. Both of the Webkinz my kids wanted were right at the top. When we went through the gates guess what each one was handed??? Belle got her lab dog and Joe Bug got his turtle! GOD is so good! He cares even about the small things. Thank YOU, GOD!!! Thank YOU for caring about the small things and being faithful in all things.

I know my kids would have been happy no matter what Webkinz they got, but it's such a blessing when they get the specific one they wanted! GOD is a specific GOD and HE wants us to pray specifically (just look in the Old Testament). Many times, we as Christians don't receive what we want because we don't pray specifically. I encourage you all to pray specifically and then come by and give a great praise report!

In other news...
Doodlebugs and I, finally, after 3 years, rejoined Curves yesterday! Yea!!! Hopefully by the end of summer I will have lost some weight and be in better shape than I am now. I already have done my first workout this morning!!! I'm so excited to be back!!!

My plans for today are to pack up the dining room and contact a friend about painting.
I might go out to Bath and Body Works today. They are having a fabulous sale that ends if I plan on getting Doodlebugs her annual Bath and Body birthday would be a good time. ;)

Blessings until next time!


pottermom said...

Saw your footprint on my site. I'm still up, not feeling like going to bed... go figure... I've been sick and sleeping a lot. I really should be in bed. I'm in rebellion. I don't HAVE to go to bed tonight. (Husband-o out of town). lol

Have a great day.

Jenileigh said...

Awwww!! How sweet! I'm so happy for them! And way to go joining Curves!

Penless Thoughts said...

God is good, and God does care, even about our smallest request and desire. "He gives us the desires of our heart." So glad you posted about this.

Daelyn said...

My girls love Webkinz. :-) Congrats on joining Curves again! :-)

Da-Red-Head said...

I so totally agree with you about praying SPECIFICALLY!!!! I sometimes forget even after God answered our specific prayer for a child. We'd prayed for months that He would allow us to have a child by Easter (2001). We got a call from a cousin of my husband's asking us to come & adopt the baby she was about to have in March. She was born a month before Easter & we had her in our arms in our church on Easter Sunday. God is AWESOME!!!!

So glad your kids got the desires of their hearts!

Love ya,