Friday, June 6, 2008

What to blog about...hmmm

I have no clue what to blog about today. Last night I stayed up to the wee hours though I planned on going to bed at 11pm...I had shut my computer off, crawled into bed, and then thought to myself that I needed to check online to see when my Target bill is due, since all my bills are being forwarded to I get back online and check the Target bill and then I thought I would go over to YouTube and look for a song Steven Curtis Chapman sang on his Great Adventure CD years ago-"Who's going to love Maria?". I've been singing it since the day I heard of the tragic accident that ended his youngest daughter's life, Maria, here on earth as we know it. Instead, I ended up finding Steven Curtis Chapman's video blog-which I found hysterical and down to earth. From there I ended up going over to Shaohannah's Hope which the Chapman's started some years ago. I ended up reading how Steven met Maria. Here's an exert from Shaohannah's Hope:

"As Steven Curtis Chapman's heart for China grew more and more through his family's two adoptions of Shaohannah and Stevey Joy, he continued to visit China to minister there through music. After leading worship at Beijing International Christian Fellowship on Easter Sunday in April of 2004, he left through the back door and ran into some missionaries who let him hold one of their Chinese babies. When Steven asked if she was theirs, they said no, but they were trying to find a home for her. He asked, "What is her name?" They said, "Maria". Immediately, a song Steven wrote years ago, called, "Who's Gonna Love Maria," started playing in his head. Steven couldn't believe the coincidence of her name, and was shaken to the core. When thinking about this, he broke down crying and called his wife, explaining the strong connection he made with this little girl named Maria. When Steven posed the thought to Mary Beth that they were to adopt her, she jokingly responded by saying, “Well, she better play an instrument because she is then going on the road with you."

I have no clue where to go from here...I'm lost for direction on how to finish this post...I stayed up last night and read about Maria's home going. I especially liked this beautiful story, Emily-Steven's oldest dd shared...which I found over at Jim Houser's blog (part of some of the many people involved in the Chapman's daily life)...

Emily telling the story of how when she told Maria that Tanner had asked her to marry him that Maria asked her "whacha say?" and Emily went on to challenge us with the picture God gives of how the groom Jesus has asked his bride, us, to marry Him with a relationship through the cross, "whacha say?"

I, then recalled reading at a Homeschool board that I use to visit frequently, someone posted...

Ok, it used to make me tear up, but now in light of the passing of Steven Curtis Chapmans daughter I just about could not hold myself together when it just played on the radio. It was striking to hear the words and think of Jesus, her prince coming for her....which we know is not what he had in mind when he wrote the song, but seems to fit regardless.....whew!

I guess I really did have something to blog about...I just don't know how to put this all together the way I want right for now I'm leaving it the way it is, except please keep the Chapman Family in your prayers for the coming weeks and months ahead.

Blessings until next time!


marky said...

It is such a sad and tragic event for that family. I too am praying for God to bring them peace and healing!

pottermom said...

I can't believe that you visited my blog and didn't comment...... I mean it was right up your alley. :)
How's the painting going? Cleaning going? Decluttering going? Getting ready to list the house going?