Monday, December 8, 2008

King Willie

Back when I left the Steve Martin video of King Tut on my blog, my youngest dd thought when Steve Martin sings..."When he was a young man"....he was saying Willie was a young now it's a joke to say we are going to see King Willie Tut in Dallas. :P
We are hoping to take the RV over the Christmas break and go see the King "Willie" Tut exhibit.

In other news...
My url friend, Beth, is doing better. She's weak and goes through periods of having energy to exhausted. From my understanding she will have chemo.

We went to dh's company Christmas party on Friday night at some huge hotel in downtown Houston. He saw one person he knew all night...that's not saying much...he only knows a few to begin with. We stayed for dinner and then for a pic. I might post the pic later...I think my head looks huge and so does my chest! LOL...My kids think the pic came out nice.

I didn't post a Sunday Sing-Along...that's a first in a long time...but I just had to go get ds a Christmas present yesterday morning at Target, on sale, before they sold out and can't find it until March of next year...much like the Wii...LOL!

Ummm...I think that's all for now...
Blessings until next time!