Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Today officially!!!!

Today is my 44th birthday. The same age my mom was when she past's hard to believe I'm as old as she was...seems like yesterday! You can read what happen to my mom here, if you'd like. If you recall, last year I went around and had been telling everyone I was 43 when in fact I was only 42! So I'd been preparing all year to turn 44 instead of 43! that's when I asked can I say I'm 42, since I skipped this whole year of saying I was? LOL...I guess this year I REALLY am 44! LOL

Today, we are in Houston. There's a possiblity that we might get snow. I think we are going to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, if I can find one on this end of town. If not, I think I'll make roast (one of my favorite foods) and go to Costco and get a cheesecake! YUM!!!

Remind you all to tell you the prank I pulled on my sister tomorrow. lol (although, I don't think she thought it was funny, unless her response is a joke too!)

I think in memory of past birthdays....I'm going to try to remember several years...

of course I don't really remember up until I was about 4. A few things I do remember about my birthdays though:

My mom always tried to keep my birthday separated from Christmas. She always made sure my presents weren't wrapped in Christmas paper, or that we had a Christmas tree or decorations up until after my birthday. When I was little and I had a party, I remember my mom used a white sheet and took a permanent marker and outlined all the kids that came to the party and wrote their names in the hands. :)

When I was 8, I was with my dad and sister at Indian Princess camp. I wish I had the pic to post. I had pig-tails. Everyone at camp sang Happy Birthday and they gave me a piece of cake. When we got home that night (I remember it was a Sunday) my mom gave me this way cool jewerly enamel thing.

When I was 10, I got a new, full size blue bike. I had that for years! It had a white seat on it. LOL

Turning 12, I got the game PayDay for my birthday. It's still one of my favorites!

When I turned 13, we had just moved to TX that fall, we got a Christmas tree that day and were going to move into our new house the following weekend.

When I was 16, I remember my mom copied a Ann Landers or Dear Abby article of a poem in my birthday card. It was a card with a puppy on it...I still have it!

Turning 18, was the last birthday I had with my mom. :( I don't really remember the day.

19, I didn't have my mom anymore...I'm not sure I remember this birthday either.

Since then birthday's have come and gone...some good, some bad...this year I have a feeling is going to be great!

Blessings until next time!


Dorie said...


May your day be as "special" as YOU ARE!!!



Penless Thoughts said...

Happy 44th Birthday. Boy you remember those birthdays plainly. I don't remember mine. Hope this one is a great one!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day.

marky said...

Happy Birthday Bobbi!!!!
Praying you a special blessed day!

Colleen said...

Hey Girl! I totally didn't know it was your birthday! OOOPSS!!! Please forgive me for missing it? It was so cool reading your memories of birthdays... I think I should try to do that.... You remember more of yours than I do mine! LOL
May your 44th year be absolutely wonderful!! May God give you the desires of your heart, and may this coming weekend be a super one with your family!