Saturday, December 20, 2008

Starbucks Shoplifter?

What is this world coming to? LOL!

So, yesterday, I went shopping with all my kids. Second stop we made was at a Target with a Starbuck's. Dd asked if I would like a Java Chip Frap-sure!

As she's ordering, etc., I told her I was going back to the linens and then to electronics.

Dd brings me my frap over in the linens. We go over to electronics. I'm looking around. Next, a Target employee stops me and says, "Excuse me ma'am, did you purchase those Starbuck's here in the store?"

"Yes, sir." I reply.

"Ma'am, I think you forgot to pay, was your total $9.51?"

"Um, I don't know, my daughter purchased them, let me ask her."

I walk over to dd. "Honey, do you have your receipt for Starbucks? Because this man said he thinks you forgot to pay."

She replies, "I think so" She opens her wallet, looks for the receipt and then realizes she forgot to pay! "OMGosh, I'm SO sorry! I was giving my little sister some change for an icee, and I put my ATM card in my pocket to pay, I thought I handed it to the girl!"

The guy walks up with dd to the front. Apparently on the way up they had a nice conversation. The guy understood. He forgot to take his groceries the other day after paying for them, while out with his son. (He told me later, below, I said, "At least you didn't forget your son." LOL)

Later, we were in the same area he was working. I showed him our receipt for our purchases, and said, "You can stop following us now, we paid for our purchases." He laughed.

It made for an interesting shopping day...from then on I asked dd if she planned on paying for her items.


Penless Thoughts said...

Now that would be an Adventure (?)!!!!!

marky said...

LOL..funny post Bobbi.. nothing like a nice warm stolen frap! LOL

Gina said...

What a great story! Too funny!