Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Food for thought Part 2

This is part 2 continued from yesterday, that my dh wrote to explain the armor of GOD.

In Genesis the word said “God said”. And it came to pass. This is one of many important “Rules” of God that need to be learned. I will be speaking of more “Rules” during this teaching. If you read the word, you will find that throughout the scriptures that when someone “of God” spoke, or said something, that it came to pass. Hannah went to the priest Eli, for a son. She 1st made a commitment to God, then asked for her desire. Eli spoke and Samuel was conceived. Was it an accident this took place, no, It was word becoming flesh. See the picture starting to develop. We need to recognize that our words have power. This word “Power” has many meanings, but for this discussion, I would like to focus on one meaning in particular, and that definition in the Greek is dynamis. I will deal more on this later.

Like many, I find it is always a challenge to walk with God. To please him, even more difficult. What most people want is an easy chair to sit in while God does the rest. Well that is not the case. That is a comfort zone that can collapse at any time. To walk with God means (I hate to say it) that life will change daily with your faith, and that with this walk, you will live on the edge, no more comfort zone. For years I was taught that if you walked with God, that there would be an increase to your faith and a resting time on a plateau, but what I have found is that there are “Rules” that govern the earth and the heavens. One of those rules is that, God made them we didn’t. Another “Rule” is there is a precise order or sequence; a structure if you will that repeats itself over and over that God or his word will not deviate from. And the most important “Rule” is that, God is God and I am not. With that in mind, I found that what I had been taught about increase to plateau was a half truth. As I have grown to know God, I have found that He is an ever increasing God. He never stops to walk on a level plane. As I applied this to my life, I began to increase with him, meaning yesterday’s faith will not help me today, nor will today’s faith help me tomorrow. This is why we need to stay focused on where we are today, walking on an ever increase with him. Anything else brings worry, which is a seed to Fear, which is a bastardized faith. Just ask “Job”, in his words, “The thing I feared the most has come upon me” he lost everything because of his fear. He had been speaking death in his prayers (not realizing it), Satan attacked, and he got what he asked for. By staying focused on the “NOW”, we will find that the winds of change always blow. When we are faced with the trial, if we have walked with Christ, we will find ourselves on the top of the mountain. Then we can say “Mountain be thou removed”, because the mountain is under our feet where it belongs.

When I faultered, it was because of the increase to plateau teaching. Somewhere along the way I would let go of Gods hand and when the trial came I was looking up at the mountain with no way to “make it move”. Faith is for today, and should ever increase. Which brings me to the heart of the teaching.

Blessings until next time!