Wednesday, October 21, 2009


How many times has your family asked, "What's for dinner?"
You answer, "Leftovers"
and then you hear it... you know the moan..."UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!"???

Have you ever thought to think that's what GOD says?

When would GOD say that? Think about it for a minute...

Most people don't put GOD first or their finances to GOD first. Instead of tithing first, they pay bills, they buy groceries, they buy clothes, etc....they then give GOD their leftovers. Instead of giving GOD part of their day, they say, Oh GOD doesn't need me to read HIS WORD, he doesn't need me to pray, I don't need to spend time with HIM. LEFTOVERS! If we are doing that, we probably wouldn't be in the predicament we get into of not having enough money, time, good health, etc to begin with. Not saying always, but I bet most the time. Otherwise that would make GOD a liar, and I know HE's not.

Just food for thought.(lol)
Blessings until next time!


Susan said...

Loving your strong posts the past couple of days. Yes, it is call FIRST fruits for a reason :o)

Leah C said...

I always find when I make the time to put God first the rest falls into place. Thanks for the reminder!