Monday, October 26, 2009

Food for Thought Part 1

One day, after fellowshipping with some local folks here in ND, dh shared with me some of the things he shared with the gentleman (husband, dad). Dh was sharing with him the armor of GOD (see Ephesians 6:10-17) I found the discussion fascinating and asked dh to write it down. Dh felt lead to write this instead. I'm going to be sharing it this week with you all. It's long, so I've chosen to break it up into parts.

My wife asked me to share a bit about the armour of God from Eph chapter 6, but because of the complexity of the passage, I cannot just deal with a portion of the teaching without a greater foundation to explain, so I wrote this below in hopes of explaining my reasons for a not so short of an explanation.

Food for thought….
I call it “Plan A”. “Making sure your right with God and are pleasing to Him.” For me, this has become most important. I find God tends to do favors in the supernatural for those that honor him, when the rest are left sitting on their thumbs. Case in point, take “Elijah”. (1st Kg 17). Elijah has just challenged the (Wicked) King Ahab, cursed the land for no rain which means no water, (stuck his neck out to obey God) has every one and their uncle after him, and God directs him to go to the brook. He is told by God that there, He will be protected and will eat and drink. Supernatural Intervention. The land, for the next 3 1/2 years will be in drought, the King will rage, the land will suffer, but the man that honored God will have plenty. Sure you say, that was easy for him, he had a different faith, but we live in a different time. True, we do live in a different time but it takes the same faith, in the same God, which is the start of “Plan A”. We cannot please God without Faith.

Over the years I have known many people that have needed Supernatural Intervention, me included. I did not receive what I had asked for, nor did they. Does this mean that God has changed, the answer is no. I have come to the understanding and conclusion, that “Plan A” was not in affect. I may have been a Christian, but did not carry the tools needed to “Stand” against the enemy. The biggest enemy I found was me, and the words that I used. Open mouth speak disaster. I got what I asked for, disaster.

Blessings until next time!

Oh also, please be in prayer and fast for Mike. Mike is my URL Susan's, from the THL, husband. Mike had brain surgery a couple weeks ago. This is the latest report from Susan. "Bobbi he is very sick.I know God has a plan and though i am scaried they say i will be a single mom soon but i know not until ther good lord says come home my son."

You, those who read my blog, know how I feel about GOD's healing. It's time to step it up a notch people. We need to seriously be interceding on behalf of fellow believers and the lost. We need to show the devil we mean business and also petition GOD. If fasting isn't necessary, then why did JESUS do it? I urge you and encourage you to just skip on meal today, on behalf of Mike, and take that time and read GOD's Word and pray.
Thank you!