Friday, October 30, 2009

Food for thought Part 5

Remember I said that I would discuss the word “dynamis” later, this is why I waited. Read below.

Eph 6: 19
Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints; And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel.

This my friends is part of the armour that has been least used and most controversial. Without communication, we cannot know what the Father wants, and more importantly cannot know where the direction of attack is coming from. Over the years I have heard many excuses as to what Paul was talking about when he spoke here of the word Utterance. The list goes from foreign language to speaking in an unknown tongue. I know what you are thinking and you are sort of right, but before you close this page out please allow me to explain a few things about this.

In the book of Romans Paul teaches about the “Power” of God. These Scriptures speak of the same word in Acts 1:8, 4:33, Rom 1:16, for Just a few. This word “Power,” used here is the word “dynamis” where we get our English word today being Dynamic. This word also has a duel meaning and in this text, is used both ways, from the excitement or enthusiasm of the situation, to the core structure of the science that it defines. The reality if you will.

For years, even though I never served, I have enjoyed the conversations with those that have served in the military. One of the things that I have learned, is the order and structure that the military uses for combat. A part of a soldiers training is that they use coded messages during battle. During a fire fight, if the enemy has moved positions, an order to shift fire is given. Two things take place at this point. The battle perimeter has changed as does the direction of fire, and the soldier is made aware of the enemies’ position. If a soldier does not hear the order, he stands a chance of killing one of his own, (the term used is Friendly fire), or worse he is flanked by the enemy and his line of defense is compromised. The same is for a Christian. When we pray, we are in communication with the Heavenly Father, but there are times he needs to give “special orders” that only you should be made aware of. This is where praying in the spirit comes in. Remember when I said there is a structure and way about God that does not change, this is part of that structure. Unfortunately over the years, a miss teaching or half truth, (BTW a half truth is a lie) has been slammed into the church. Trust me I have heard it all from every denomination, but I am convinced that as I dig deeper into the word, I find that praying in the spirit is a viable part of a Christians walk. For myself, I have had more prayers answered, more blessings bestowed, and more “Supernatural interventions” than I will ever know. The sadness that I have is that (because of not knowing what I know now), I have wounded or even destroyed some of my fellow brethren because I was not in tune to the coded messages that God was trying to send me. You may think it to be weird or from the devil, but the scriptures (Jesus statement) say a “house divided cannot stand”. And if this was of Satan then why did I get the “Supernatural Intervention”. Every time I have a need, I will get an answer by praying in the spirit. Sometimes it is the most unique answer that gives me victory. Sometimes I hear that “My Grace is sufficient”. It may not be the answer I wanted but that is why He is God and I am not. Another reason I know this is from God, is because the enemy hates to see Gods children prosper and be in health. He Satan will never help us get to health and prosperity. That too is another “Rule” that will not change. He was accursed forever. Think about it. Satans deployment is to “kill Steal and destroy” not to bless and prosper. What is also humbling to me is the anointing that flows with the prayer language. I have seen things and have been part of things that would rattle the “arm chair” Christians life. Are you going to die and go to hell if you don’t speak in tongues? No. Did this thing die with the saints of old? No. Should this be a part of a Christian’s life, I certainly think so because it is a covenant between you and the Holy Spirit, but that is your choice. Can God still use you? Yes. The question I would ask is to what degree, will He be able to use you. Do signs and wonders follow you as the word teaches or is there a blank on that page of your life? When hands are laid, do the sick recover? As a Christian, I choose not to compromise the work of God in my life. By not wearing the “Whole armour of God”, I allow myself the chance for disaster that I know is displeasing to God. In doing so, this becomes one of those perplexing things of a Christians life that has chosen to “walk in righteousness” It is our choice to wear what we wear, and what we leave off. I have learned when I get beat up by the enemy, I forgot one or more parts of my armour. I made the choice and suffered the concequnce.