Friday, December 11, 2009

JESUS, YA got mail!

Today dh got paid...which means I get to deal with bills. YUCK!  It's so not fun dealing with bills, when the finances aren't there.  Last week we were even in the negative. (keep reading...this actually turns out good-lol)

 The other day my dd reminded me of something we've heard Jesse DuPlantis say.  When the bills come in, he holds them up and says, "JESUS, YA got mail!" funny as that sounds, if we are a child of the KING, he's right. 

Today, while chatting with my url friend, Heather, I was telling her I was paying bills.  I told her that story.  She laughed.  We continued to chat, and then I said, "Well I need to go be JESUS' accountant."  Just then....REVELATION hit!!!!  Don't ya love when that happens????

I am JESUS' accountant...YEP, I am!  AND I should be HONORED! 

So, as I was figuring out the bills, etc., I don't know how, (well I do know how, supernatural increase, because of faith and trusting) but I know it happened, we have more than we should.  I had to balance the checkbook like 4 times, just to make sure.  :)  It's amazing how attitude is a huge part of HIS supernatural increase!!!  So between realizing I'm JESUS' accountant and that I need to have cheerful things are changing!  PTL!!!  (I'm sure it's also having great friends praying too.  Thank you!)

Now aren't you glad you kept reading????  LOL!
Blessings until next time!


Just Me said...

I love when a revelation hits!!! Ain't nothin' like it! (Yes, I was an English major and I just typed that! LOL.)

Love ya!

SAHMinIL said...

LOL, glad things are good today :)

Kim R said...

Loved your post. Inspiring as well, thanks for sharing- couldn't have come at a better time.