Tuesday, December 29, 2009

This and That

Today is a gorgeous day!  The sun is shining.  The snow is glistening on the ground. 
We were snowed in for Christmas.  We were going to have company, but because of the blizzard the interstates were closed and most of the roads were closed as well.  We finally were dug out on Sunday.  :D  Our neighbor came with his tractor and HUGE snow blower and cleared the snow away and pulled dh's truck out of the snow.  YAY!!!

Although we were snowed in the blizzard itself wasn't that impressive.  Actually it looked like a normal snow day in Alaska.  I think the reason for the shut downs etc, were because here the wind blows the snow up under the overpasses.  The country roads actually stay pretty clear because of the openness of the prairies.  The wind blows the snow right off the road. 

Dh and I have started remodeling this old house-mostly out of necessity.  The house is so drafty and wastes so much heat, that we've decided to take it upon  ourselves to start fixing it up...whether we end up staying or not.  So yesterday,  dh ripped the subceiling down from the bathroom, where he found gaping holes to the outside.  No wonder it's so cold and drafty!  The person that either designed or remodeled this house...did not know what they were doing!  So now I might record video...hello HGTV or PBS...lol.  We have started taking pictures and I'll be posting them up as the work progresses. 

Today would have been my mom's 71st birthday.  Wow...she past away when she was 44 1/2.  I remember several of her birthdays.  One year we were in New Orleans, another year we were in Colorado with my dad's mom...I hope someday I can say we got to celebrate together in Heaven!

Blessings until next time!   


Rosemary said...

I was thinking about my dad, as this was our first Christmas without him: what a glorious reunion it will be in heaven. No more tears. Some days I just can't wait.
Happy New Year to you, Sister!