Friday, December 4, 2009

The obvious....


Why are people compelled to tell me the obvious?  It drives me nuts....maybe they forgot (and yes, I told them) that I grew up where it was cold, and have lived in cold as an adult.  It's not winter yet...that doesn't take place for another few the obvious, "It's going to get colder"  umm, yeah, is the obvious!

Also, why are people compelled to tell me, "I understand".  You do?  Really?  Do you?  Have you lived in a tent for a summer?  or a motel for months, cooking out of a crock pot and trying to homeschool your kids?  Have you moved 25+ times? Have you lived on the road for the past 10 years, doing what GOD tells you , and yet because of other people's disobedience you are to shake the dust off your shoes and move on?   You understand how I miss my friends?  How I have to go through the process of being friendly and social, even when the rest of you aren't?  How my family has to make new friends and then leave?  Have you had your children rejected by other kids, because the kids are little self righteous brats?  YOU understand?  REALLY??? ARE YOU SURE???????????

Because I don't think you do!!!!  Really I don't...not when you've lived in the same place for the past 20+ years, have friends where you live, etc...I don't think you do, so give me a break!!!

I can understand that you don't understand...but don't say you do, when clearly you don't.  And don't go around and tell people (namely my dh) well she needs to get over it, and it's her fault why things haven't come together for you all yet...because you don't know me well enough to make that judgement call! 

I have been friendly, I have walked in love, yes, I complained (only minor about living here), yes, I have gone the extra mile, so instead of judging me,  will you pray for me? I thought that's what we are suppose to do for one another, lift them up, bear one another's burdens, encourage and help where we least that was my impression of GOD's word...maybe I'm wrong???? and NO, I will not confront this person's ignorance.  I will pray for them, but needed to get this out of my system!

(Climbing off my soap box now)


Purple Heart Wife said...

Bobbi ~

You just knew I HAD to say something here.

While I haven't been on this road quite as long as you, I've done 7 moves in 7 years of marriage - so believe me, I get it. I've lived in a hotel w. a dog and a cat while pregnant and again after the child was born.

So, yes, I do understand - just haven't been doing it quite as long...and it's still not over for me either. DS has been the "weird" child as he is both gifted and has learning disabilities. DH is "odd" because of his injuries and his own problems. I try to make friends but somehow keep missing the mark.

I get it. I do. And yes, it does stink that some people think they "know" what's happening when they clearly don't. But here's my 2 cents. We are put on this path for a reason because we are able to affect many more lives "on the go" than if we were to stay in one place and be stagnant. I have had the chance to minister to some of the most AMAZING circumstances because of my life. And I'm not done yet.

I KNOW that this is where HE wants me to be and that I am doing the work HE needs me to do. And so are you.

Have you read The 5 People You Meet In Heaven? Think about that - think ON that. There is a road and there is a purpose. This is ours and we are brave enough to pick up our cross and move it around the world because that is what HE wants us to do. "They" couldn't do it. That's why it's our calling to work in the way HE wants us to.

Blessings, peace, and love,


SAHMinIL said...

hang in there :) I know it's been tough on you because you have told me it has; wishing you the best.

Just Me said...

Sending you a hug...a big, squishy bear hug! ((((((BOBBI))))))

Love ya,

pottermom said...

From one mover to another (although I've had a lovely 8 year stay here so far).... I understand.

Love you