Wednesday, December 9, 2009


As I sit and ponder what I should blog about, I went to stop by THL chat and asked the gals what I should blog about.  Anne said, "How encouraging it is to be up late and laugh with invisible people on line?"  I replied, "But you all are not invisible, so I can't blog about that. You all are incredible, you're my support during a difficult time." 

I haven't gone through many difficult times in my life.  I can probably count them all on one hand.  For that I am thankful for.  On the otherhand, maybe what I may think of as difficult, may not be to the next person. 
Losing my mom, that was difficult.
Moving to RI/MA and living in a tent and with folks without being able to cook or take care of my family properly, that was difficult.
Moving to Alaska, that was difficult...
Moving to North Dakota...yes, this has been difficult.

I'm not even sure how to express why or how it's been difficult.  I think it's all the uncertaincy in it all.  I think it's because we thought for sure this is where GOD wanted us, and yet, we are struggling financially, the job my dh was brought in and up for has been dissolved and he's been put into a entry level designer making senior designer wages...we don't expect to be here much longer....many layoffs a few months ago, and the company is still in the red.  We thought if GOD wanted us here, our house would sell, our finances would be okay, that the company would be blessed....none of which took place.  Now we are at the point...did we miss GOD?  Are we really here for a purpose?  We've been obedient...what are we doing wrong? 

Emotionally, I miss my friends and family, but it's not something I can't handle.  I've met a few nice people here, but they aren't very social here.  Something I miss terribly.

Spiritually, I think GOD is stretching me (us) in a greater way. Is it fun?  NO, it never is...but I know down the road I will find it very rewarding and will be able to look back and see another piece of the great puzzle.

Physically, Praise GOD we are all healthy.  We like seeing the snow...but it gets quite chilly out.  We have been dealing with single or below zero temps for a week now.  We moved into the icky house.  I think GOD promises us food and shelter...we have food and shelter...the shelter is icky, and needs work.  It could be a very cute house if we had the finances.  We don't. 

Financially, We are confessing HIS word, but in the naturally, we are sinking and sinking fast.  Yes, GOD can supernaturally step in.  Will HE?  I don't know at this point. I know if HE does, it's in HIS timing and HIS timing is never late. 

There are worse things than where we are at.  I try to focus on those things when I get blue.  It's hard some days.  That's why I appreciate my support over at THL.  Many of those gals don't know what I'm going through, but they are there listening and supporting me, by encouraging me.  It reminds of my url and then became my irl friend, Dadia,  When I moved to Alaska she was there to help me through it.  She would always say something encouraging and say something like, "We'd love to see the TX bluebonnets and Indian paint brushes with you.  Hopefully you'll be home soon."  (Dadia's with the LORD now, but I still think of her.)

So I guess this post is to all my friends at THL and those encouraging me with your kind words and thoughts.  Thank you.  Thank you for taking the time to say something.  Thank you for the encouraging words and allowing JESUS work through you.  Thank you that you take the time to care. 

Blessings until next time!