Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Something I've really come to appreciate while being here in North Dakota

I guess, maybe, I've taken things for granted, or never really thought of how grateful I am for some things in life.  Really it's the basics...food and clothing.  But every time I drive by a farmer, plowing his field, or gathering his harvest, I am so thankful for him and his hard work, and I say a little prayer for him and the many farmers in the world.  Often we see the farmer still out in his fields well after dark, often into the middle of the night, up the next morning when it's still not light. 

Since we've moved here, our family has had many discussions of the farmer, and his hard work. How he works long hours, probably a pretty lonely life, how he provides for so many, etc. Yesterday, when we were driving by, a farmer was plowing his field to prepare the land for next spring.  I said to my kids, "Can you imagine what it would be like back when they didn't have tractors?  Having to plow with horse and oxen?" ( It was a convienent 29*F out...brrrrrrrrrrrrr, and due to the bad weather here on and off all year, the farmers are still plowing and harvesting, etc.)   

Can you even imagine what it would be like without them?  No conveinent trip to the grocery store to pick up that gallon of milk!  We would still be all planting farms and raising our own animals.  We would still be weaving and sewing our own clothes...NO, I can not fathom the thought, to be honest.  So many things stem on GOD's provision through the farmer that I'm so thankful for!

LORD, I thank YOU for the men and women that have dedicated their lives as farmers and ranchers.  I imagine that life can be quite lonely and much hard work, but I thank YOU that YOU provide food and clothing material through them.  Please remind me to be thankful for that and other things that I would generally take for granted or not thing about.  Help us all to be grateful for them and remember that YOU provide through them.  Amen


Susan said...

AMEN!!! We take so very many people and things for granted in our lives and country. From those who pick-up our garbage on a regular basis on. Mickey & I were just talking about that the other day when they were picking up the garage by the curbs on a very cold day.

Goose Hill Farm said...

I feel the same way, Cheesey! I see the dairy farmer down the road from me up way to early in the morning milking the cows and then again in the late evening. Not to mention the plowing of the fields into the night.

God bless those we take for granted!