Tuesday, June 29, 2010

27 Years ago and other stuff...

Twenty-seven years ago my mom past away.  As I've stated every year on this day, It seems I miss her more and more instead of less and less.  Miss you and love you, Mom!

Dh is almost done with the BBQ concessions/pit.  Soon we will be up and running for business.  What an exciting adventure!  He's still working at the company that hired him, but we don't know for how much longer.  A few weeks ago they only had another couple weeks of work, and then found another project to put him on.  PTL!  Hopefully there will be enough work for him until he is finished and we can get started selling beef!  :D

I'm enjoying working at the front gate, although somedays are a bit of a challenge.  LOL  For example, yesterday...Some guy came through and said he wanted to buy a day pass for his friend.  Mind you, at the time I thought he said friend, but then later....

Nevertheless, I took the money, asked him what make and color of the car...while he was zooming away.
He said, "Oh some kind of PT Crusier type...goldish."

A little bit later a gal with a little kid comes by, in a goldish PT Crusier type car.  Says, "My husband came and paid for an annual permit for me."  I said, "No, just a day pass."  She said, "Oh well he was going to get a annual."  I said, "Well if he did, just bring this back."

A few minutes later, a gal in a SILVER PT CRUSIER comes through and says, "My friend paid for a day pass for me."  sigh...I gave the pass to the wrong gal! 

It ended up working out...the first gal's dh did indeed buy an annual earlier and I did indeed sell it to him.  BUT on my behalf...He never said his wife was coming out later to retrieve it.  lol 
(thank goodness he did, and she returned the ticket, otherwise I would have had to buy the ticket, not too expensive, but I don't like making those kinds of mistakes, and would rather not have to spend $4.20)

How weird that would happen!  LOL

I've really been cutting back on computer time, so I probably will only be posting 2-3 times a week at the most here, until I feel led to post more. 

Blessings until next time!


Susan said...

What a mix up!!!

Rosemary said...

Good to hear from you. My mom is 82 and living with us now---very healthy and fun to have around. I know I will miss her like crazy when it's time for her to go to heaven. Till then, I'm enjoying every minute.