Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Updates and other stuff...

Last week the awning broke. DH called the insurance agent.  He said the awning wasn't covered.  DH called the adjuster anyhow.  The adjuster said, "Who told you that?  We cover awnings."  PTL!

The day before dh forgot to pull the tailgate down, disconnected the RV after taking it to the dump station. :(  Now we need a new tailgate. 

The day after the awning broke, I broke a taillight on the RV, trying to throw the bottom of the doghouse up on the back.  (We have a rack back there that holds our freezer up there and other stuff)

Doodles misplaced or lost her paycheck.  sigh...she already instant deposited it, so we might have mailed it already, but I really don't remember doing that. We all were very tired this weekend, and really don't remember.  We need to find the check or have it show up at the bank. 

Last week dh had an uncle, on his dad's side, pass away on Tuesday (?)  and then another uncle, on his mom's side, pass away, on Saturday.  Dh and ds left Sunday to go to the second funeral.  He was very close to that Uncle.  Please pray for their safety.  The funeral is today, and then I think they are leaving to head back up this way.

Also, my cousin, Jackie, is engaged to a guy name Rob.  Rob's son was serving in Afganistan and was severely injuried.  He went through surgery and is now on life support.  Please keep the son and families in your prayers.

Blessings until next time!


redkathy said...

Oh my gosh you had a week! Bet it felt like a month. After all the "bad news" your faith shines through with the final line of your post. A fine lesson I'd say. Will pray for you and the yours! Blessings 2 U!