Saturday, October 25, 2008

Apparently Dh has put us all on a diet ;)

A couple years ago, dh and I were doing the Southbeach diet. One day while he was out with Doodles, they stopped at Sonic to get her some food. Dh asked Doodles for a tater tot and then told her, Your mother is starving me on this darn diet! LOL

The girls and I went to a baby shower today. Dh and ds stayed home and worked on stuff around the house. Dh was suppose to make Buffalo wings for dinner, but was too tired and I mentioned something about wanting Papa John's pizza...he decided to run to the store. He brought home some frozen pizzas...when I went out to get some, I found out that apparently dh was putting us all on a diet! LOL! He only bought 2 frozen pizzas...this probably would have been enough a couple of years ago, but ds eats at least 1 frozen pizza by himself! I just had to give dh a hard time about it! :P