Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's BIGGER than a bread box...

okay, so I don't feel like I mislead anyone by saying I have something BIG to tell you about...because what I'm telling you is big! I also said out wtih the old and in with the new. For those that know me, know my living arrangements. We live in an RV on the road most of the time with my dh's job. Last year we got a 30ft Holiday Rambler tow behind travel trailer with one slide out. Here's what our home away from home looks like (well actually this is what it looked like before we moved in. LOL, clean and no clutter)I love my RV...but living in an RV can get a little tight, especially when homeschooling! Yes, we actually live in it! We were just in SC for 4 months living in it. We actually had another one (similar to this-that we lived in for a year)

Recently my dh got a new truck...big enough to pull a bigger RV...and when I mentioned it to him, in passing, not really serious, he just said yeah, we could do that someday. The other day dh called me and said, "I want you to come look at something. I'll be home in a few minutes."

I asked, "Is it a new RV?" "Yes, but before you say anything I want you to just look."

We looked at the one dh wanted to show me along with some others. Dh thinks we need more room to be comfortable and he would like another bathroom...(He doesn't like to be cramped...I think because when he was growing up he lived in a shot gun house with two bedrooms and one bathroom and he had 5 sisters. He got a small front room that was cold and drafty in the winter and hot and sticky in the summer. I think the room was the size of a walk in closet. It was small)

Anyhow after looking, and talking price...we are now the proud new owners of this:

By the way this is the one dh wanted to show me only a different color. (He showed me one in green, I prefer this color and so it's on order now...we should have it in a month or so)

This is a Montana Mountaineer 2009 model, 5th wheel. It has two bathrooms, 4 slideouts, and 4 bunks! A real, full size closet in the master bedroom! Lots of storage!!! and if we want (which we decided not to) we could have a washer/dryer combo inside next to the master closet! No more boxes on the extra bunk to hold clothes or dvd's. No more cramping our clothes in and they hit the bottom of the dinky side bed closet space! No more hollering to the kids (where everyone in the rv park can hear) "Please bring me some toliet paper!!!" Because there is no room under the sink for, this one has a shelf above the toliet to put stuff like that! It's the little things in an rv that make a huge difference! :P This also will be a real plus when we sell our house and find some property to build on. We can just live in this while building. Now when we travel from sea to sea, we'll have lots of room. Oh and it even has a stove outside with two if I'm in your neck of the woods, come on over for dinner!!!! (and I really mean that!!!)
Blessings until next time! (oh and aren't you glad I surprised you? :P)


Rosemary said...

This is wonderful! I'm so happy for you! Congratulations on your new "home"!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooooooh, SWEET! When can I move in??? I need a vacation!!!! LOL I love ya girl! I am so happy for you!! ((((HUGS)))))

Your sista-chick in Christ and friend,

lcourtneymom said...

Oh, Bobbi, it is beautiful! It makes me wish I could hit the road.:-) Hmm, wonder if I showed dh that beauty if he would change his mind? ;-)


christy said...

I KNEW it!

It is very nice. Tow bathrooms! wow! the luxury! lol!

marky said...

Wow wee ! I like!!
So happy for you! I do hope to be in your neck of the woods, or you in mine one day!

Anonymous said...

Surprise, WHAT surprise?;)

LOVE it (but you already knew that)!:o)



Kim said...

WOW!!! Beautiful! Congratulations!

~ Kim

Angela; said...

Oh that is absolutely fabulous! And SOOO needed!! We looked at a bunch of fifth wheels while we were out on the road. If the Lord had us in that place still today, we'd have one too.

I'm happy for you.
God bless...

Dorie said...

So which one is my bed? :D

CONGRATULATIONS, my Cheesey Girl! You guys deserve it! I wish I was closer, I'd be over ALL THE TIME!


pottermom said...

wow. moving on up now aren't we. :)

Just Me said...

Wow! That is so beautiful!! I would never have guessed there was so much room!

I'm very happy for you!!!!

Jen said...

NICE!!! I love it! congrats!