Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NO more pow-pows Daddy...

"No more pow -pows, Daddy, no more pow-pows." This is what my youngest would say to her daddy when she didn't want a spanking, or got a spanking on her little diaper...and for the was a pat on her diaper and she would burst out crying...because with that kid, that's all it took to break her will!!!

That's how I felt yesterday. No more pow-pows Daddy, no more pow-pows! Have you ever got a spanking from GOD? I have, and more than once...and this might sound funny, but it's been an actually phyisical spanking!

The first time I was in a foul mood at my sister's bridal shower. I got lost, I was tired...I could go on and on...the shower was at some old house, tea room. The stairs were narrow...after gripping and complaining, and me disobeying GOD to stop, I fell down those narrow stairs. I knew GOD was trying to get me to stop complaining. I didn't hurt myself. I know if I had, it wouldn't have been from GOD!!!

Well, yesterday, was no different...I was worried about something...and yet I know better! I do, I know better....yet I still gave into fear, worry, doubt, etc...Why? I have no clue! But I did. So yesterday, ds wanted to go to Walmart and pick up the new Indiana Jones DVD movie, he's been saving up for. It rained all yesterday morning here in the lovely Houston area. (blech!)
After the kiddies were done with school work I took them to Walmart. I had my flip flops on. We are walking up to the front after parking. I'm about to step up on the curb. I'm carefully walking, forgetting about how slippery the bottom of these flip flops are when it's wet outside...guess what? I didn't make it to the curb without slipping and falling right into a BIG puddle of water. The left side of my bottom and all down my leg was soaked. EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I had to walk around Walmart like that...but IMMEDIATELY I knew what happened...I got a pow-pow...for worrying and not trusting my daddy! I was doubting, disbelieving. Did I hurt myself? NO! Was I embarassed, Nahhhh, not really! I deserved, why would I doubt my DADDY? The KING OF KINGS, the LORD of LORDS, the CREATOR of the WHOLE UNIVERSE when HE's been SO, SO, SO FAITHFUL to me and my family over and over again? I still don't know...but this I do know...NO more pow-pows DADDY, no more pow-pows...

FATHER GOD in the MIGHTY NAME of JESUS, thank YOU so much for YOUR faithfulness...YOUR repeated faithfulness. For loving and accepting us the way we are, and correcting us when we take our eyes off of YOU. I just realized that my pow-pow yesterday was no different than when YOU had Peter walk on water to JESUS. He was fine until he took his eyes off of HIM...well that's what YOU did to me...I was fine, until I took my eyes off of YOU. LORD, thank YOU that YOU knocked sense into me, the way that only YOU can. :) I love YOU, DADDY, I thank YOU for all the goodness and kindness and especially YOUR SON, JESUS in my life. I praise YOUR HOLY NAME. I love YOU! Amen.

Blessings until next time!


Rosemary said...

I am really trying to trust Him to meet our needs. Having a hard time. The rent was due on the 1st, thought I'd be able to pay it today (payday) but had to pay car insurance and make an electric payment (or it would get shut off) and now there's not enough for the rent, to say nothing about gas or food for the next two weeks. I know He has called me to stay home, so I know that my going out and getting a job is not His will. How is this going to work out? I am trying to trust Him. Having a hard time. Thanks for the reminders.