Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Sing-Along

Here's another song I heard on the radio the other day. I basically had quit listening to Christian radio here at home, because the two Christian radio stations we have here, play the same thing over and over gets so old...I started listening to Christian music on Sirrus radio, but again, after a day or so, I'm listening to the same old stuff. Since I've been back in the Houston area, I've been listening to my favorite Christian radio station, KSBJ. Even though KSBJ isn't like it use to be...which I miss, it's still one of the best Christian radio stations to me...of course I'm kinda partial to it...dh helped get it started years and years ago. ;) The words on the screen are in Spanish-it's the only version I could find on YouTube, but the song is in English-lol :)

Mainstay-"Where your Heart Belongs"

You lost yourself in finding out
the wonders of the world will let you down
You gave yourself to those who never cared about your soul
They only cared for their own
It seems everyone has left you

You're not alone, I hear you call
And I've been waiting her for you through it all
You're not alone, come to the cross
And let me show you where your heart belongs

You've been down the darkest roads
and you know just how it feels to lose your hope
But don't give up on everything
when everyone has given up on you
And it feels like everyone has left you

I will never leave you, come back to my open arms
To the only love you need