Saturday, October 4, 2008


The girls and I are on our own today. The men have gone to the inlaws to re-roof their home. Very nice for them, considering the only time we get a call from them is when they need something done...Doodles and I were discussing that yesterday, and then I said, "You know what? That's between dad and his parents, and if he wants to have that kind of relationship with them so be it. He thinks they've changed and I hope for his sake they have. We're only bringing curse on ourselves saying anything else." And we dropped it. It's hard to watch though, especially after 20+ years...seeing the way they treat one of the most loving. kind, generous person in the world like poop...

Yesterday, the girls and I were out shopping (alone then too, boys at in laws for 1st day of work).
We got some fabulous deals at JCP!
*Got dh a new sports coat for $20 reg. $160.
*Bella some jeans for $4.99 reg $26.99/ Couple of shirts $4.99 reg $21.99
*Doodles some shirts for $4.99 reg $30.00/new boobie basket for $6.99 reg $28
* Me some pj's for $9.99 reg $9.99-not as good as deal as I would like...
and a few other things altogether we paid...$95.69 and a savings of $348.58!!! Yay for good deals!!!

Not sure what we'll do today, but I know the plans include going to the laundromat and washing clothes. blech :( (we are at rv park this weekend...closer to in laws house than home is)


christy said...

boobie basket?