Friday, October 17, 2008

this could have been me!

Geez, little did I know all it would take was writing a letter to TLC and tell them I live on the road (and have on and off) for the past 9 years! Yes, it's true, TLC is starting a show called "Our Loud Family" about a family that lives in a 34 ft RV and homeschools!

I could have been a star! sigh...
Then while checking out info on the show I found this...this adding insult to injury!!! I could be the owner of this site...I'm still trying to figure out how I can join so I can share my wealth of vast knowledge! :P LOL

In other news...
Today is my blog's birthday. I did hope to have some kind of giveaway...but with the moving from one rv to another and all that's involved, I didn't get a chance to prepare one. Maybe later down the (literally!!! play on words?)

Just a thought, that goes along with yesterday's post about praying to move mountains...GOD showed me this yesterday after listening to Pastor Creflo Dollar...Pastor Dollar was talking about the power of our tongue. Not that I didn't already know what he was talking about. We have been learning how to put this in to practice for several years. (Some might think this is hokey...I can tell you right now, we wouldn't be where we are now if we hadn't done it. I'm sure we'd be living under a bridge somewhere-and no I'm not joking about that! )

Life and Death are in the power of the tongue. GOD has given us that power. regards to the election, GOD showed me this...the "world" predicts that Obama is going to win this election. Well the "world" doesn't have power and authority to speak life and death...because they don't have the authority until they become if they don't have the authority, who does? WE DO and WE have the authority to speak McCain in to office. Because life and death are in the power of our tongues. We are born again Christians that have that authority. I urge you to take your authority in CHRIST today and start speaking it into existence!

Blessings until next time!


Rosemary said...

You would be great on a tv show! They'd have to put you on late at night, though, because prime time isn't ready for the kind of scripture-spouting Christian you are! LOL

I looked at that other site---you should be on there, too! Life is funny, isn't it?

love ya'!

Penless Thoughts said...

What fun to be on a tv show!!! You could still start a separate blog about fulltime Rving. Just as there are many prayer blogs, and many cooking blogs, I'm sure there is readership for more than 1 RVing blog. Go for it!!!

Oh, we definately believe in the power of our words, both positive and negative. So many people speak negative things over themselves and don't even realize they are doing it. I agree, Mickey & I would not be where we are without speaking God's word over ourselves. Thanks for the good word, Bobbi and thanks a bundle for the e-mail from Elizabeth.

lcourtneymom said...

Happy late birthday to your blog! I think they should have picked you for the tv show! LOL