Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm it...

My friend, C~, tagged me. The rules are below, for those that I tag...oh dear...people will love me now...LOL! Today's tag is 7 random or weird facts about me...hmmmmmmmmmmmm...things you don't already know...that might be tough...I try to be so honest here...I figure you already all know me. :P I'll give it a try...

1. People always assume I'm a clean freak...hmm, that's not really true. I like things clean, but I'm not obsessively clean. You will find dust at my house and clutter. :P

2. I like to drink water out of a glass or a plastic bottle...but not a plastic cup.

3. I had my younger two kids at home with a midwife.

4. I go to a non denominational church where we often speaks in tongues and we run around the building at times! We even believe in healing and prosperity!!! (oh gasp!!! did I lose most of ya there? :P)

5. I love almost all sports...watching not playing!

6.When I was younger, while playing volleyball I sprang/sprung my pinkie finger on my right hand.

7. I've had stitches three times in my life...
*when I was in 1st grade I was skipping hime for lunch and slipped in some broken up concrete on the sidewalk and got 5 stitches in my right knee
*when we were moving to TX from IL, I was running on a playground, with my tennie shoes and half a beer bottle went through my shoe and up my foot about halfway. gag...2 stitches in right foot
*when I had an episotomy with my first child-I believe that was 2 also. ick!

I tag the following people:
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christy said...

Oh goodie! You did it :-) that makes me happy!
i did not know that you had homebirths.

pottermom said...

I was thinking today of you. Yes, I know, amazing huh? I was also thinking of baseball and that if you happened to be faithful to the GREATEST team there is, my beloved CUBBIES then the baseball season wouldn't be over.


Couldn't resist.... and a good break from the evil one.....and the sky is falling drama taking place these days.

Love you!

marky said...

That was fun... and you have been given something on my blog too ;-)