Saturday, November 22, 2008

True Friend Award

My url friend, Rosemary, has blessed me again with an award....She is such a sweetie...I look forward to meeting someday irl...if not here, there. :D Thank you again, Rosemary. I am so blessed to know you via internet. I'm glad that I'm good for something. ;P

And this award couldn't have come on a better day...I would like to pass it on tom my irl friend that I met url first...Ms. Christy. Ms. Christy and I use to post on the same home school board and when I thought we were moving to our town, I asked on the board if anyone lived there. Ms. Christy raised her url hand. :P We've been friends ever since...the first time we talked she was so kind...she took time out from her day to listen to my long story of how we ended up there and all kinds of things...then she and her dh invited us to a ball game...What a blessing! If you know how much our family loves baseball, you'd understand how much of a blessing it was!

Ms. Christy and her family have been so helpful to our family since we moved here. She and her boys take care of our Scoutie boy often when we travel. Today, unexpectedly, she came by again...I was out of town, but didn't even call her to bug her and ask...I figured I was only going to gone about 30 hours...Scoutie will be fine. Ms. Christy knew I was gone, and though I didn't ask, she and her ds came by and took care of Scoutie anyhow. When I read her comment to me below, I started crying. She indeed is a true friend. I love you, Ms. Christy and family. Thank you so much for everything always!!! My family is truly blessed by you in more ways than you could ever imagine! Thank you again and again!!!