Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Yep, ELECTION DAY 2008 is FINALLY here...
We will have a new president, vice president, house, congress, etc...many are concerned...many are worried about finances, the economy...what WILL happen to the United States?

The other night Campmeeting at our home church began. Campmeeting is a 4 day/night services of special speakers. It's usually a time that old members that have moved away to start their own churches come back, etc. Most of all it is a time of refreshment in the HOLY SPIRIT!!!

Sunday night we were there. Pastor gave an encouraging word before the guest speaker spoke.
Pastor talked about the economy, finances, and the election. One thing that really stood out that Pastor said was, There are going to be people that are angry if Obama gets elected. There are going to be people angry if McCain gets elected. It's our job as the church (personal side note...this doesn't refer to the building here...it refers to the body of believers) to help a hurting nation. It is our job to show them the light. We don't put our trust in a man, we put our trust in the KING of KINGS and the LORD of LORDS!!!

YES, we do!!! HALLELUJAH!!! PRAISE the LORD!!!!

So, will I be disappointed if one person is elected over the other? YES, but does that sway my trust in GOD and HIS faithfulness? NO!!! I don't represent an Elephant or a Donkey. I am a SHEEP! I represent the KING. HE is my HOPE, I choose to trust HIM and HIM alone. How about you?


Doodlebugs said...

So since you are not a donkey or an elephant...YOU A SHEEP!?!? Nice post mom good job!

Penless Thoughts said...


marky said...

I am so glad the day is almost over!! no more political commercials!!!

Rosemary said...

Looks like now we will have to start praying for Obama. That will take some getting used to, for me. The man scares me---I need to remind myself of my sheep status.