Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Kick-off

Today, we will start getting for Thanksgiving Dinner. We are expected up to 15 guests. This year on the menu is:

Cream cheese with raspberry chipotle served with wheat thins
Relish Tray-carrots, celery, black and green olives, broccoli, and pickles
Dressing/corn and bread
Mashed potatoes
Sweet Potato casserole
Creamed Peas
Cranberry sauce
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Pumpkin Pie
Apple/cranberry pie
Chocolate cake
(someone is bring it)

I will make the cheesecake and sweet potato casserole today.

Tomorrow I will make the stuffings and pies.

Thursday I will...(all in the am)

do the rolls (usually I make them, but this year I bought the frozen ones that have to rise all day)

Start the turkeys (I have 2, 13 lbs)

Peel the potatoes

Make the vegetables

We'll eat around 4pm...My brother's request to be able to watch some football game before he arrives. I'll do the mashed potatoes and gravy last. Everything else will be in the oven staying warm. (well that's the plan) ;P
Today, is my friend, Marian's birthday. She won't see this...she doesn't use the computer much. But I have a story....the other day I called to see if her family was coming to my house for Thanksgiving...we had discussed it...and then said when's your birthday again? (knowing it was the same week as Thanksgiving, just couldn't remember exact date)
Her reply was the 25th whenever that is...

I got off the phone...

Belle asks, "Mom when's Sis. Marian's birthday, the 25th?"


"Mom the 25th is Sister Marian's birthday AND the day the milk expires!"

ROFLOL...as if the two are related?!?! Yes, that kid is definitely related to her warpped father!!!!

Blessings until next time!


Rosemary said...

Expired milk and birthday----my DS2's mind works like that, too. LOL

Tomorrow is baking day for Thanksgiving---you can be proud of me: one of the few times I will spend most of the day in the kitchen. (sigh)

love ya'!

marky said...

Happy Thanksgiving Bobbi!!
I work on Turkey day 2-midnight so we are celebrating on Saturday ;-)
Have a blessed holiday!